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22.) FREE Guitar LESSONS - Learn Rock,Blues,Guitar Lesson - CLICK HERE !!

Rock,Blues Guitar Lessons !!

FREE Guitar Lessons !!

Are you looking to find blues,rock guitar lessons online?

Hi,my name is GW Williams - I am a rock,blues and jazz guitarist.
Many of you know me from my Gospel Rock and Blues Guitar CD called, On Easter Morning......
I created this free rock,blues guitar lesson blog to help you with your guitar playing.
My archives are full of rock,blues guitar learning information...
FREE Rock,Blues and Jazz Guitar Lessons !!
Below is a Jazzy yet Bluesy
Guitar Lessons 1
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Free - Guitar Lesson - # 2

This next lesson below has chords to my new song, it's still yet to be released on CD....But I thought you'd enjoy learning these chords and where on the guitar neck I play them.
This song has a jazz feel to it.
On this lesson I really am not teaching about how to play my song, so I didn't give you much on the rhythm....What I was trying to teach here is movable chord progression that can sound cool to those of you learning to play guitar. Pay close attention to the frets this song is played on and notice how I use chord progressions for the Major7 th chords to give a jazzy feel.
Also if you notice closely you'll see chord voicings being used, the Bm7 to the Bm9 chords....simply barr the Bm7 chord and by using only your little finger, you can do a chord voicing and change the chord to a Bm9 and so on.

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.... Free Guitar Lesson # 3

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FREE Guitar Lessons # 4
Below Are 2 parts of a Rock Guitar Lead
Learn Part 1 first, - then part 2.
The Idea is to get you to think and be creative.We'll start off with the bass guitar part first and then move up to playing the higher treble notes
Once you learn both parts, please connect the 2 parts together.
It really is meant to be 1 rock guitar solo, I just figured it would be far easier for people to learn this way !!

Part One.............

PLEASE: Click On Picture to Enlarge Lesson To Full Size

Part 2...............

Once you've learned part 1 and part 2, please put them together and create 1 longer lead rock guitar solo..........I think you'll enjoy this easy to play rock guitar lead.

This rock guitar lead has a little bit of blues and jazz mixed into it so... be creative and try it at different tempo's or speeds, maybe add parts to it and let it grow into something new and fresh.

When I first started playing lead guitar this is the type of leads I created, as the years past by I developed and create far more advanced leads, but this lead will help you get playing and on the road faster. Remember if it seems hard to you, that good things come to those of you who keep at it. This lead really isn't that hard to play, a top guitarist would have this down in a couple minutes time. An average guitar play though might spend a couple weeks to get it right, so whatever your level, keep at it. The longer I play guitar and write music, the more I realize there still is to create. And creating is learning also !!

At first if you don't get it right, keep at it, these 2 parts put together make a hip little rock-blues lead in the key of G

Anyways...... I didn't want to over do this lesson, I just want you to play something, that will make you feel good, the next time you play infront of your friends or music teacher.

Also, be sure to use a guitar pick, if you don't use a pick, then start to learn, a great guitarist uses a guitar pick and his fingers both......I can play Rock,Jazz and Blues Guitar using a pick. I also can play Classical guitar Finger Picking, or any style finger picking.

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Rock Guitarist GW Williams

Rock Guitarist GW Williams
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