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Pg 15.) The Blues Guitar HALL of FAME

The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog , Presents....

The Blues Guitar Hall Of Fame
My Picks - Rock, Blues Guitarist GW Williams

Below is my Blues Guitarist Top 20 Hall Of Famers
A few of these guys are also in my top 20 Rock Guitar List also.
Most of the modern blues guitar players had to cross over as both
rock and blues guitarist.
Also if you check for blues guitarist top 20 lists online ,they're maybe be a slightly different than my list. But most blues guitarist top 20 ojn any list will be these same names just in different orders.
Below Is My List.

1.) Ray Vaughan
2.) Eric Clapton
3.) Eric Johnson
4.) Buddy Guy
5.) Robert Cray
6.) B.B. KIng
7.) T Bone Walker
8.) Jimi Hendrix
9.) Muddy Waters
10.)Peter Green
12.)Otis Rush
13.)Freddie King
14.)Albert King
15.) Mike Bloomfield
17.)Robert Johnson
18.)Albert Collins
19.)Duane Allman
20.)Ry Cooder

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