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Pg 16.)The Best Electric Guitars,For Rock,Blues Guitar

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The Best Electric Guitars -
For Rock Blues and Jazz Guitar

Hi, I am Rock,Blues Guitarist GW Williams, and welcome to my picks for the best,rock, blues guitars on the market today. On this page I'll give you the best choices for rock, blues guitar, of the guitars I have veiwed myself.I have not only played rock,blues and jazz guitar, but as a hobby have built a few electric guitars and acoustics, so I do know a lot about guitars, and how they are constructed. I will try and give what I think are the best guitars on the market for price, playability,sound and ect..... I know there's a few great rock, blues guitars that may not get mentioned here. I only have so much room, but I want to give all you rock, blues guitar players something to think about, maybe you can afford the highest price guitar in the world, buit then again maybe you're a young kid needing his first pro guitar on a very limited budget.

Anyways The Rock, Blues Guitar Blog Online, will try to bring you as many of the best guitars we can find, prices on these guitars will range from $5500.00 down to $500.00....and trust me folks there are some great $500.00 to $700.00 electric guitars that can almost perform as an expensive $3000.00 electric guitar. So bookmark my Rock,Blues Guitar Blog, and keep checking back as we keep posting over the next few months to come.

1.) The Gibson Custom Les Paul - MSRP - $5250.00 but...I saw this price online for only $3399.00

Rock,Blues and Jazz guitar's best guitar in my opinion for the cost,the sound and ease of play on the neck is without doubt the Gibson Custom Les Paul.The sustain on this baby while playing blues is awesome,you can connect this of any rank mount or peddle effects and dail in the tone you want. It is one AWESOME Guitar. I truely love this guitar.I couldn't imagine playing rock,blues guitar without this beautiful electric guitar. And for Jazz guitar is has a wonderful sound using jass ribben wound strings.This rock, blues guitar can do it all. Any rock, blues guitarist would love to own this sweet guitar, she can really sing.

The guitar is made of maple top combined with mahogany back, 22 fret ebony fretboard,pearl inlays,Metal Tulip Tuners,490R/489T Humbuker pickups.
2 volume,2tone control with 3 way toggal switch, all Chrome Hardware, I got my custom with Gold hardware, and it's one unbelievable guitar to rock out on.
This is rock,blues guitar Heaven for an electric guitar.

2.) Fender Custom Artist Series,Eric Claptons Electric Stratocaster Guitar. MSRP - $3,499.99

If you love a rock, blues guitar built in Heaven, this may be for you,This is the exact custom shop designed of Erics personal guitar he uses,with noiseless pickups and active circuitry,comes with a maple neck,and aldar body,chrome hardware,25 /12" scale from guitar nut to bridge,22 vintage frets.It's been highly refined with a special necl shape, it gives a tremdous advantage to the rock, blues guitarist using this electric guitar. Have you even noticed that when Eric Claptons on stage playing with other rock, blues guitarist, that erics electric guitars always have a clearer sound and more defined. It's not just his playing style but the equipment he uses,and this guitar is a major factor.

Any Rock,Blues Guitarist should own this guitar, it will shock you how much, head or heals better it is that other Guitars on the market. I almost could have put this in the number 1 position, but I love gibson guitars. And I feel gibson has a faster neck for playing rock,blues guitar, but this Fender is also an awesome guitar, and lighting fast neck.

I find that taller rock, blues guitarist over 6 feet tall , play the gibson guitars far easier, and shorter guitarist under 5 foot 10 inches tall ,may have an easier time on a fender, the fender is a lighter guitar also, be neither are super heavy. I personally am 6 foot 2 inches tall and I like the heavier gibson guitars, they feel better in my hands. So picking the right guitar also has to do with body types, again this rule of thumb also goes for string height each person has diffenet size hands, this must be taken into account also when playing rock,blues guitar and need the best string level for your body type.

String height- has more to do than just with having the lowest strings possible, it also has to do with responce action of your fingers when pulling off the strings when playing leads and chords.Great rock, blues guitarist know this and even spend years trying to get the biggest advantages they can when playing rock, blues and jazz guitar.

3.) Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom GX Electric Guitar.... This Guitar is only $850.00 but get this...the real MSRP is.... $1415.00

This new guitar is Amazing, who would have thought that Epiphone would create a top class guitar for $850.00. Maybe you don't believe me?....well my rock, blues guitar friends, think again. In the past Epiphone has created some very good electric guitars, that many professionals today use. But..........this new guitar is out of this world.The new electronics is awesome. First off this is not a $5000.00 Gibson, but for $850.00 you have a guitar here, equal to 95% to 98% of a Gibson sound, yes you read that right, this is an amazing rock,blues and jazz guitar. The neck action can be set so it's as fast as any Gibson, it plays smoothly and is a dream.The difference in sound between this and a Gibson will not be noticed much. Plus the new advance electronics can make this rock, blues guitar to get down and Boogie man. Any professional can use this i a studio or on tour, it can really do the job.

Plus check out the beauty of this Quilted Maple Guitar Top!!
with Hard Maple Speed Tapper D Profile and satin finish. Awesome new inlays,plus Gibsons Dirty Fingers,Coil Tapping Pickups and much much more.

Anyways if you're looking for a great Rock,Blues Electric guitar for around $850.00, how about a new Les Paul Guitar that can perform way above it's price league....This is truly Rock, Blues Heaven for those On a Limited Budget.
If you're really into cool rock, blues music, from clean rock to Heavy Metal, from clean blues to gritty blues then don't look any farther than the new Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom GX Electric Guitar

For More Info on this Guitars Click this Link Here.......Link coming soon site under construction.

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Steve tha...

Thought this was very a good article, nice pics of the guitars. I would agree that Ephiphone, Gibson and fender are the best to start out with esp sound wise. I have recommended the same 3 at
I think other guitar are better once you know your sound and what you want.

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