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Pg 9.)Sound Equipment For Pro Recordings

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How To Build A Small Professional Studio At Home

Funny Picture Above In My studio , My glasses were falling off - And I wasn't flipping off the camera

Hi, I am Rock Blues,Guitarist GW Williams, I know what it's like to want to record a rock guitar CD or Blues Guitar CD and not have the money to afford the large studio costs which can go way over $50,000.00 on a rock,blues guitar album.And when you consider studio time can cost $300.00 to $400.00 Dollars an hours in an L.A. Studio or Hollywood & Nashville, you realize your dreams may be short lived.

But I am here to tell you, don't get down, with a little help, you can purchase the right recording equipment to make your rock,blues guitar dreams come true.And you can use that equipment to record more than one Rock,Blues Guitar CD, infact if your good at recording you can charge other Rock,Blues Guitarist an easy $75.00 an hour and help them, save money also. I personally did this many years ago. Today my home studio is much bigger, but for now what we are going to try and do, is create a Rock,Blues Studio using good quality recording equipment than put you into the ball park, on professional rock, blues guitar artist who record in large pro quality studio's.

With a little ingenuity , and using only enough of the proper equipment,we should be able to pull this off and create a nice little pro quality studio that can get your rock,blues and jazz guitar music out there.

Low Costing Pro Sound Equipment - Here's a list below of the Equipment we are going to learn about.

To Learn about each area of Sound Recording, please click the links below

This Page Is Still Being Designed , Links will be up in a few days.

1.)Tascam 2488neo 24-Track Digital Recording Workstation

2.) Sound Mixers

3.)Equalizers or EQ Units

4.)Reverb Units

5.)Effect Processors




9.)Monitors or Speakers

10.)CD copy machines and computers

11.)What CD's the Record on

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