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Pg4.)The Future Of Rock,Blues Guitar

The Future Of Rock, Blues Guitar
I Say Rock On Blues Guitarist !!

Where are all the great upsoming rock,blues guitarist,if you check online for young rock, blues guitar players you'll not find many.Infact most rock,blues guitaristtoday are over 50 to 60 years old.Is rock and blues music a thing of the past. 20 years ago everyone guitarist wanted to play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, there were tons of guitar books, with both music notataion and guitar tab. Young guitarist want to have the same old looking blues guitars use by Stevie Ray Vaughan.And today if it wasn't for Eric Claptons Cross Roads Concert ever 2 or 3 years, we would hear much from the great rock guitar and blues guitar players from the past. Sure there's a few good young guitarist coming up, but not tons of them like in years gone by.

So what has happened to the Rock, Blues Guitar World? Today the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog Online, will take a look at the future of rock guitar today.

Its almost funny,I wonder if the young guitarist care about, Rock,Blues and jazz guitar? - In fact today, it's becoming much more apparent or clear to me that, most of today's bands have at best only rhythm guitar players, who lack skills of even knowing simple chord progressions.
Just watch TV and see the new up coming bands, you won't hear much in the way of lead guitar or even simple chord voicings,let a lone any rock,jazz or blues guitar leads. Not only that the singing is getting almost mono toned - Like Dylan's music was.
Is this the future of music? Where have all the great rock, blues singers gone? Where have all the great rock, blues guitars gone? Is this the end of great music?

I for one hope not, I know there's great young rock.blues guitarist out there, and they are teenagers, I have spoken to them, but music today because of the Movie Industry is mainly, folk rock, or folk punk rock music, and it doesn't leave much room for the young rock, blues guitar players. In the old days they said Rock N Roll will never die. But Rock N Roll, the real and true Rock N Roll is only a novelty at best these days.

With Rock and Roll guitar is nearly all but gone & and now blues guitar you only hear once in a while, it's hard to believe both are becoming a lost art forms, jazz is still hanging in there also. Only because of the southern rooted blues clubs and jazz clubs does the music still live on.Also some of todays gospel music still showcase a bluesy deep southen style music, that people once loved.

Todays music, really belongs to a punk-rock folk culture. Most of these people could careless if they play great.
99.9% of these people are more interested in being famous than being able to play guitar or sing good.
20 Years ago, the voices you hear today, would have been laughed off stage.
Today it's hip to sing off key and lack any real music skills.

It's my feeling that people wake up, we only have the old timers playing , jazz,rock, blues guitar these days. Sure there's John Mayer playing his rock,blues and folk rock guitar styles, but there are very few real talented guitarist on the horizion.

This trend really was easy to spot it started truthfully about 25 years ago, when the computer age caught up with Keyboards, over the past 25 years, great piano playing started to vanish.
People wanted to become famous fast and using keyboards and computers and midi interface was the new way.
AS the computer age grew, our young people became less interested in doing music themselves, they just wanted stardom fast. If you don't believe me how hard is it the learn Rap Music?......doesn't take a college degree does it?
Please understand I am not mad at anyone.

I just want to know where tomorrows guitar hero's are coming from, or will everyone play fake guitars as in the game guitar hero, and become a false sense of a rock star.It seems money has gone to every ones heads, and everyone wants to be a star. But if you study the music and I mean really look at most of it closely you'll see the truth of what I speak. The truth is I have seen better written songs by 5th graders today.The reason most of the famous ypoung bands today get away with selling their music is because they fill their music with digital sound effects, but if you really listen there, not much in musicianship being played.

It's sad when you hear guitar players talking about being an advanced guitarist in rock or blues music today, and when they talk they say they have mastered the pentatonic scale and so now they are a pro, geeeeeeee whiz, most of us older guys went light years beyond pentatonic scales , learning jazz theory that we used in rock and blues guitar also.If the truth be know there are 1000's of scales and variations of them. The guitar is a life time learning tool that never stops from the time your born till the time you die, this is what Andres Segovia said at 94 years of age, before he passed away.

Yes there are still great guitarist, and great young rock, blues and jazz guitar players coming up through the ranks, but the numbers today are far less, and even todays best guitar players seem to lack the skills of yesterdays hero's.

It is becoming clear to me that somewhere in the near future those who can really play guitar as a top skill musician will again be in hi demand , because of the lack of people really wanting to learn at a high level.

The truth about today's music is it is very low keyed, limited in chord structure and melody, bands today don't seem to accept great musician who can over shadow them.And it's simple to see why, why would any singer or musician in a band want someone who can outplay them and take away their fame?

So America I know there's some great guitarist out there, and I am cheering for you to come out of the shadows. Build your own bands if you can't join a band to showcase your great guitar-man-ship. It's time for great guitarist to rise again, why should we wait every 2 years the hear the greats on the Eric Claptons Crossroad concert? Sure Eric does a great job, but there should be much more in the way of mainstream, rock,blues guitar, hard rock guitar,jazz guitar. Hey I love hearing people like Zack Wylds music. But not hearing the greats because of this punk-folk rock is starting to become old hat, there's not many more singers and guitarist who can let it all hang out. I don't know about you people but I want to hear the best.

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