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Pg 12.) TOP Rock,Blues GUITAR STARS & Their Favorite Strings

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Each of the top Blues guitar players & Rock guitarist, has his own favorite set of guitar strings.
So what are the best guitar strings used for acoustic and electric Rock,blues guitar today? Let me help show you some of the best guitar strings by the some of the top rock,blues guitar artist in the recording industry today.

1.) Eric Claption - The most famous Rock,Blues Guitarist alive today - For his acoustic blues guitar playing, Eric Clapton endorses Martin guitar strings - .012 to .054 light gauge.
These strings are called " Clapton's Choice"...and are phosphor bronze guitar strings.

And for Eric's fender stratocaster rock,blues electric guitar - Eric main choice is , Ernie Ball Guitar strings , gauge size - .10 to 46


2.) GW Williams - My favorite acoustic guitar strings for rock,blues guitar in the studio and on the road are as follows.
On My 1777 LX Ovation Legend Guitar,I use Martin Acoustic SP guitar Strings,and the gauge size is Light Gauge - .012 to.054 and these strings are also called 80/20 Bronze guitar strings.These strings have the fullest sound of any string I have ever played, and are great for playing the blues on guitar, I am really a Jazz guitarist, so I can tell you honestly these strings are the best I have ever played, they are fast,and hold in tone a very long time, great for playing blues guitar because they don't go out of tune fast while bending strings.

I also own Ovation Deep Bowl 1717 acoustic guitar in excellent condition that's over 25 years old.I bought this guitar new and have had it for many years, And I use only Martin Marquee Acoustic Guitar Strings,Light Gauge 80-20Bronze Guitar Strings.
The Tops on Ovation Guitars age over the years, and man this guitar hands down sounds better than any Martin or Taylor guitar new or old that I have ever heard. I wouldn't sell this guitar for even $20,000.00 No way, if you get a chance to own one, hang onto it. It the fast acoustic playing guitar ever, the best all around sounding guitar and with these strings your in heaven plaing this guitar.

On My electic guitars I use only ,D'addario Chromes,these are high finished ribbon wound jazz guitar strings,in light gauge .011 to .050.
My Electric Guitars are Gibson Les Paul Guitar Custom, called the Black-beauty,An Epiphone Black Beauty Custom for Back up in concerts and My Epiphone Joe Pass Jazz Guitar.

3.)John Mayer - He is a Rock,blues and folk Rock Guitarist as many of you know already has his own guitar named after him now - called the, Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster Eletric Guitar.

It comes with vintage guitar hardware. Made with an African Rosewood Fingerboard and Maple neck.The finger board has a 9.5 in radius and the body is made of Alder.This guitar is a 21 fret guitar to match John Mayers exact specs.
You can view this guitar at the ,Guitar Center or Musician's Friend Online or at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/. This guitar lists at $2100.00 and can be purchased at the Musicans Friend for less than $1,600.00.
This guitar should become a collectors and if you purchase one, then in a few years I'd get a good Online Insurance Quote on this guitar.
At Least this is not like getting , an auto insurance quote.But it can save you a lot of money in the long run ,with all the thefts these days.
One point to remember, my home was broken into and I received a very good cash settlement because I had a good insurance company.

Anyways getting back to Johns Guitar and his Strings......
This is the same guitar you may have seen,when John Mayer was a special guest guitarist at Eric Clapton's Crossroads rock - blues Guitar Festival,this was filmed at Eric's 2004 Crossroads concert which is on recorded DVD. This same guitar was also used on John Mayers Concert named - Any Given Thrusday on DVD also.
The strings used are Fender Standard Tension ST250R, Nickel Plated Steel, Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046), p/n 0730250206.

And in the newer 2007 Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival , John Mayer was a guest again playing a different guitar this time. Playing John Mayer Hit Songs GRAVITY and also BELIEF.

Lots more to come soon...book mark this page

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