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Pg.5}Inventive Rock, Blues Guitar Playing

Inventive Rock,Blues Guitar Playing

How Inventive are you on rock & blues guitar ?
Many top rock,blues guitarist are very inventive people.
And if you search online you may even find clues to how real inventive and creative on guitar a true rock, blues or even jazz guitar player can be.

Talking from my own point of view, I do write my own music, and I did study advanced Jazz Theory and Guitar Theory and Classical Guitar while in College. But years before college I was playing,my own style of rock,blues guitar.And I was very inventive as a rock, blues guitar artist.In fact I was 13 when my first rock song got published.
And I'll tell you this I was very creative as a rock, blues guitarist and a song writer. Every song I have written, has had their own original rock,blues or jazz lead guitar parts, I never copy other people. I take pride in my music and having my own style of playing which is a combination of Jazz,Blues and Rock Music. I like to fuse the 3 together,so I am not just a rock guitarist or a blues guitarist, or Jazz Guitarist, but a guitar players who can play all styles,even Classical.

But being real inventive as a Rock, Blues Guitarist, is to me, more than being able to do guitar improv work as on jazz guitar, or setting up and laying down fanncy rock,blues guitar tracks in a studio. But what I wanted was for my guitar to have the sound of a Rock, Blues,Jazz Guitarist In concert. I want people to know my guitar style and say , hey.... he has his own style of music, his own Rock,Blues Guitar art form. Sure if you do this you'll stand out in a crowd, but everyone will know your the real deal, a true rock,blue guitar artist, not a copy of a rock ,blues guitar hero as we see so many today online and on TV and radio.

Being Inventive is creating a new technique to playing lead guitar,or a new way of playing chords and leads together and many other idea's for that matter.
Stevie Ray Vaughan was a good example of someone trying to go farther on guitar than anyone before him had ever done.
Anyways being inventive is trying something new, that know one has ever done or played before on guitar. This is what makes Rock and Blues Guitar so great. Too see what other people come up with.

In my soul I will always search for new rock,blues guitar idea's. Being creative to me his part of the foundation of a great rock, blues guitar artist. Many people think that everything has already been done on guitar, but I am one rock, blues guitar player telling you, I have moves on the guitar no on else has seen ever. And as a Rock, Blues Guitarist if I can come up with new fresh ideas on guitar, so can others. And this makes guitar exciting and exciting for a crowd watching a rock,blues guitar concert.

So I was wondering just how Inventive are you people out there,are there any rock,blues guitarist out there who are inventive on guitar like me? I believe there's a lot of you out there.

If you want to hear something new and creative that I just recorded on electric rock,blues guitar, then when you get time check out my song - BEYOND THE CLOUDS, I did some pretty amazing moves on the guitar and so far no one has copied those moves. I challenge anyone to copy what I did....so am I bragging...no way....just trying to get your juices going, and help you get your own set of chops for playing music....... I love rock, blues guitar,I love jazz guitar and love to listen to other guitarist of all styles.So tell me about yourself if you're inventive and what you play on guitar.

Thanks GW Williams

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