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Pg 20.)Easy To Use Guitar Tab Chart

Easy To Learn Guitar Tab Lesson
Rock Guitar Tab,Blues Guitar Tab, Jazz Guitar Tab

Easy To Learn Guitar Tab Chart - For Beginners

Easy Guitar Tab Chart Below !!

Click Guitar Tab Pic To Enlarge Full Size

There's a lot more that goes into guitar tab than I posted, but for someone wanting to understand how tab works, the above tab guitar diagram gives a good idea, just how and why tab was created, but I'll get into that in a couple minutes below.

Classical guitarist and Many Jazz Guitarist both call TAB a Cheat method, and I have to agree somewhat, I feel music notation and reading music is far more important.

While I do agree that Guitar Tab, does give a guitarist and idea of where an artist is playing the notes on the fretboard, it also leaves out the creative playing style of someone being creative. .
I would rather heard many different ways that artist play the same song, than hearing the exact song everytime. This is something great guitar players do !!

I feel tab does help the beginner, but most advanced guitarist leave tab behind and create their own style of music years down the road !!

Like I said, up above, there's much more that goes into Tab , than I posted in the chart above.
So please under stand if you're a Beginner on guitar,that tab can also have, timming staffs,hammer on's and pull off instructions, and tab can show you where to bend notes, and play trills, and so much more.

Plus tab can be used along with music notation. If you wish to learn much more about beginning tab lessons, please go on google and type in the browser, FREE Tab Guitar Lessons, there's tons of them online. I would help out more here more if I had the time, but I travel a lot and have concerts to do. So I am limited time wise...........but I did want a chart here so the beginner can see what tab really is and get an idea, how and why it was created !!

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