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Pg 13.) The Best Acoustic Guitars

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The Best Acoustic Guitars

The Rock Blues Guitar Blog


The Best All Around Rock Blues Acoustic Guitars & The My Top Choices For The Best Rock, Blues and Jazz Guitars.

This is my list of the best Rock,Blues Guitars on the market today.

My top picks for the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog online, is a combination of, the sound of the guitar, playability on guitar and how well designed the guitar neck is for speed,and effortless smooth style when playing rock,blues and jazz guitar.Also how well built the guitar is,and how good are the electronics on the guitar. Also price is an important factor, which I am placing a $3850.00 price limit on all guitars, I want to be sure that all you rock, blues guitar players could have a chance to afford one of these guitars, and I don't want any priced out of the ball park.

First we will start off with my top picks for acoustic rock, blues and jazz guitars.

My Top Picks for Acoustic Rock,Blues Guitars

As many of you know my first choice is the Ovation Legend 1777 LX

1.) The Ovation 1777 LX Legend Acoustic-Electric Guitar ( MSRP - List Price $2395.00 ) has a fast action neck almost like an electric guitar neck, great sound and perfectly balanced tone.This guitar is my Top Pick as the best acoustic rock,blues guitar in the world to own because of playability and price,it just doesn't get any better than this folks. The electronics are second to none,hands down it sounds better than a Martin or Taylor guitars plugged in .And unplugged it also sounds better than the New Martins or Taylor guitars and This Ovation Guitar Is Priced nearly $800.00 lower in cost than the top Taylor or Martin guitars. One point I would like to make, Ovation sells the 1777 LX with D'Addario guitar strings. These strings make the guitar sound not as full.But once you put some Martin Light Gauge Bronze SP 80/20 strings on this baby, look out......

The balance on this is AMAZING - The neck is lighting fast, great for acoustic rock guitar,jazz guitar, and easy to bend strings to play the blues, this is the lightest acoustic guitar I have ever owned.You won't find better balance anywhere for the money.Ovation Guitars where once considered the best guitars in the world,and they still are but most of the young kids today play the guitars thier guitar hero's play.I do have to admit most people judge Ovation by the cheaper made Celebrity Guitars they make, but those are just shallow back guitars, no where in the class of this Ovation Deep Bowl Cutaway. The 1777 Is My number 1 Pick, for best Guitar all around.Hope the young Kids learn this.Also I own an Old Ovation Legend Deep Bowl 1717 Guitar I purchased in 1984, just so you folks know that guitar as mellowed with age, there is no better guitar than my old Ovation for sound,never heard an Old Martin sound better. Folks don't let people tell you Ovations don't get better with age, because they do.

One point I'd like the make the Taylor makes great guitars also, but the electronics on the Taylors guitar can not compete with this Ovation, none of the Taylors can. The Ovation Legend 1777 LX, is a dream to own. And I have never heard any feedback from this guitar ever,that's amazing also for an acoustic. Very well designed and is The Rock,Blues Guitar Blogs,number 1 choice online.

2.)Martin DC-Aura Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar ( list price $3,850.00 )

I have seen the price listed on the Martin DC-Aura Acoustic Electric Guitar at near $1000.00 lower online than the MSRP down to $2800.00 from $3850.00.

And If I wasn't an Ovation Guitar Fan, this would be the best pick for playing acoustic rock and blues guitar.This guitar rings with beautiful harmonics, it's in a Rock,Blues Guitar Class of it's own, the only draw back is the neck is not as fast as the Ovation neck, but it's still a quick playing guitar.

I must say his Martin Guitar can do it all, the sound is a good as the best Ovations and maybe even slightly better, but for the price the Ovation still wins, and like I stated Ovations neck is faster. Yet this guitar is built for acoustic rock,blues and folk guitar greatness ,If you love to play the blues and rock acoustic guitar, you'll love this guitar if you're a Martin Fan. It has awesome Fishman electronics, but I feel the plug in sound is a little modular or digital beyond the point of sounding as a true acoustic guitar. It has the sound of a Amp Cab Modeling system like you'd find in some Guitar pedals today. These are studio guitar sounds that are built into the guitar, yet it is awesome. Many of you may enjoy this guitar more than the Ovation because of the Martin name, yet for the cost,and the speed play on a Guitar neck I'd still go with the Ovation LX 1777.

3.) Taylor 814-CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar -

This is a very nice guitar for rock,blues guitar, it's awesome sound and light weight body, makes this a great rock, blues guitar - that is if you mike it, I know a few rock,blues guitarist who don't care for the Taylor , Expression System electronics and tone controls,if Taylor makes such great acoustic guitars as this it's amazing, but I really wonder why they don't improve the electronics? They really need to set the electronic controls in a better location on the guitar body and also design it with a number ratio so all of us rock , blues guitarist can keep track where the sound is best on the control knobs.

The Taylor guitar scale legnth is 25 1/2 inches from nut to the bridge. The top of this guitar rings with harnmonics and is made of Solid Sitka Spruce,solid rosewood back and sides,ebony fretboard for a brighter sound, also it's amazing to hear this guitar on acoustic Blues, Rock,Folk and Jazz. The neck plays slower than the first 2 guitars above. I felt the strings are set too high when you purchase them, so you must adjust the neck depending on the type of strings you wish to use.

I feel that anyone wanting a great acoustic guitar for rock, or blues, then this guitar would be awesome for you if your a Taylor guitar fan.

4.)Eric Claptons Martin 000-28EC

This is Rock, Blues Guitarist Eric Claptons Signature Acoustic Guitar- It MRSP is - $4350.00
The neck scale is 24-9/10ths.
TheTop of this beautiful guitar is Sitka Spruce and back and sides are made of,East Indian Rosewood. But be sure to notice that even though this acoustic guitar has awesome sound and tone, that it does't come with electronics. But if you Mic this guitar you get such a sweet sound, that it's no wonder why a rock, blues guitar player like Eric Clapton own this baby.
When playing this guitar for rock and blues also jazz guitar, the neck plays very smoothly and quick like any Martin. Also Eric Claptons signature is inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets in mother of pearl.

This is also the guitar John Mayer used on one of his concerts.


The Most Affordable & Top Acoustic Guitar Under $600.00

5.)DR-500R Masterbilt - MRSP - is $999.00..But I have seen this now for only $599.99 more info on where to get this later at that low price.

This epiphone guitar is great for acoustic rock and blues guitar also jazz and folk rock guitar - This is an outstanding guitar has has a big time sound like a top gibson,yet the price is very affordable, this guitar a large dreadnought top crafted from genuine solid Sitka spruce produces sound to rival the Classic Epiphones of the 1930s. Solid rosewood back and sides add crisp projection and eye-popping looks while the bound rosewood fretboard with snowflake inlays provides a silky feel. Sumptuous appointments include gold hardware; multi-bound top; and bound back, fretboard, and headstock. A perfect acoustic guitar for everything from hard-rock rhythms to bluegrass leads.
There are no electronics on this baby, but this is a concert ready guitar.You won't regret this price and most rock, blues guitarist who own this guitar,say they love it more than the most expensive guitarist they seen or have played.

Listen up people, this guitar plays like near $2000.00 guitar, it really is that good, if you're looking to play professional rock, blues guitar or folk acoustic guitar, then don't look any father, this guitar has very high rankings and is a 5 star guitar. If you want a great rock,blues guitar an affordable price that makes everyone happy. Then this is the guitar for you. I records beautifully in the studio, a very sweet sounding guitar.

6.) Yamaha L Series LL6 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - MSRP is $850.00 but....online I found this baby new at $499.00 only.

This is an AWESOME rock,blues acoustic guitar,great for bluesgrass and folk rock guitar also. A guitar like this could sell for over $1800.00 if it had a Martin name on it. If you don't have a lot of money, but want a rich sounding rock, blues acoustic guitar then look no farther. This is not built like the cheaper Yamaha, this is the real deal, a real rock, blues guitar that is incrediable for the price.

No rock, blues acoustic guitar fans, listen to this, the top of this guitar is Solid Engelmann Spruce , the back and sides are Roswood, the neck is Mahogany and Rosewood, the nut of the neck to bridge scale length is 25 9/16 ",Finish is Hi Gloss and man can this guitar play great.

If you guys want a great guitar without breaking your bank acounts, then this is for you, at under $500.00 this world be one guitar not to pass up. It has a 5 star rating. For the price you'll be in Rock,Blues Guitar Heaven. You hate to put this guitar down, once you play it you're in love.

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