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Pg 19.) Guitar Chord Lessons

Guitar Chord Lessons For Rock,Blues And Jazz Guitar

I want this guitar teaching area , to be fun for you rock, blues and jazz guitarist who are very interested in learning about Guitar Chords,Chord Voicings,Moveable chords and ect.I know many of you spend months and years trying to find just a few hot licks and chord to play. I remember how it felt when I was learing guitar, you want to play something impressive the next time you check out a guitar at your nearest guitar store right? And some of you want to learn the secrets of the pro's also. So stick around, take off your shoe's and bookmark the, Rock,Blues Guitar Blog and our Guitar Chord Lesson section and study coarses! All Guitar Lesson and Chord Lessons are Free on this Guitar Interactive website !!

From Time to time I will start posting lessons, but I know most of you want some real Kool Chording and nice sounding Structures, and most of you rather learn that than, music theory.

So we will start off, with parts of sections of songs I have written over the years. I will one day also, post up info on how chords are built and theory on chords and scales. But for now, lets just get some great chording and chord voicings to you.

So keep checking back for more guitar lessons on Chords for Rock,Blues and Jazz Music Online.

So Lets Play Some Kool Chords

Please look closely at the charts, the song chord charts read left to right, learn each full page, they are parts of songs with some real hip and kool chord arrangments.

Also I am not going to give you the timing on these, but....I want you to become creative here, learn to play the chords,using different Rhythms and Strumming techinques. On Songs Like, On Easter Morning , you can purchase it on Amazon.com for .99 cents if you must know how the timming goes.

I do it this way using Amazon.com to help support this website, so do me a favor and purchase the songs that I post titles to if you can afford it.....if not....please don't leave, I rather have you stay and learn .

We average between, 640 to 1200 people a day from all over the world and from all walks of life. And it's my goal to one day have over 25,000 people a day visit my website.

The First Free Guitar Lesson Is Below

Please Notice Which Frets the chords are played on

Also... Click Your Mouse On Chord Charts, And It will Enlarge Full Siz

Click ON Chords Charts To Enlarge Full Size Lessons

Guitar Lesson 2...... Kool Jazz Guitar Chords

Remember Check Which Frets The Chords Are Played On !!

When you think Of Jazz Guitar, these chords represent that classic Jazz Guitar Sound and Feel so many guitarist love.

Try playing These Jazz Chords Using Different Rythyms and Strumming Techniques !! Learn To Be creative on Guitar and You'll become a master guitarist one day. Top world class guitarist learn to make a songs, thier own personal guitar master piece.

Being creative on guitar can make you famous, so why not let people hear a new sound, a new style, even if the song has been done 1000 times before, do something no one else has dared to do, it may be hard at first...... it can takes, weeks, months or even years, but keep adding to your skills, the real skill that was born inside you and you can become the best !!

Chord Voicings For Guitar

A chord Voicing is a simple music term to remember, it's about adding Melody to to chords you play. It can be done on chords during both Rhythm guitar or finger picking.

The most popular way is to use the high E outside string to play the melody part,while the rest of the strings play the chording, almost the same as you do on a piano.
Let me give a couple examples.......
First the KOOL JAZZ Song above was created with Chord Voicings, the chords where arranged on the guitar to create the melody, up and down the guitar neck.

Also I am going to repost that Kool Jazz Song Below again......Please notice that the red dot is used to help show how chord voicings maybe played.
When playing the Gm7 Chord and adding your little pinky finger to the red dot(Which is an A note or the 9th note in the G minor scale ), you then create a Gm9 Chord, this is one way chord voicings are created.If you notice also in the example below, the F#7 chord is also changed to an F#9 chord, by adding the little pinky finger to the G# note, which is the 9th note in the scale, use to create that chord.
Remember Click Kool Jazz Chording Pic to Enlarge Picture Full Size

More Chord Voicing Info For Guitar Players

You can also do chord Voicings, on other stings too, not just the high E-string !!

Below we are going to play a Funky Kool,Rock Guitar Boogie, I did place the suggested strum for the Rhythm Guitar, Please following instructions Closely !! The arrows show the downward or upward strums, also not there's a couple dead hit beats, call Palm muting.

This song uses only 1 barr chord postion, sliding up and down the neck to different frets, besure you have your frets right, the only changes in the chording comes from the 2nd high string, this string is now the string being used for the chord voicings. Also please remember as you become more advanced on songs, you can add chord voicings in melodies from any of the the 6 strings, in a song. Learn to listen to what sounds best. Learn to play chords clean, with no buzzes.

Anyways The Chords To - My Rock Guitar Boogie Is Below

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