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Rock Guitar Email From - Sara Wineglass

Please Post my email if you have time. I admire your rock guitar music. It becomes hard to imagine how you became so good on guitar. I love your singing and look forward to seeing you in concert one day. I work as a music publisher and studio song writer. It is rare to find a guitar player with the talent you have. Please keep up the good work. That song Electric Son Rise blows me away everytime I play the CD. I am not much into gospel but I do think you have several song with great lryics and powerful singing skills. On Easter Morning is an acoustic rock song you sang brillant and played perfectly.

God Bless - Sara


Email I recieved from Sir Thomas Winchester of England
I am not sure who he is, but I had to post it here!!
I loved his letter.....made me feel good.

Hello Mr GW Williams

I took a quite a long listen to your music.
Thought you's just another guitar chap, untill I read how skilled and efficient you play on rock guitar, blues and jazz.
I 've heard you are a guitarist that can play with the best anywhere world wide.
Saw you have a huge following.
Had to hear it for me self!
Without doubt you play guitar great because you have great jazz guitar skills and it shows,you're not just another rocker but well schooled

I paid for you's CD,took a listen and was impressed and shocked.

Hey GW, Buddy you don't toot your own horn enough !
So what's you's a gospel singer, that guitar anyone will listen too.
I am telling you, you need to brag and get the message out !!
You're songs Electric Son Rise and Beyond the Clouds are amazing masterpieces of guitarmanship. I also like you're acoustic guitar and your voice with the song - On Easter Morning and the song ,Have You Ever Been So Lonely. Those 4 songs should be top 10 songs.
But I must admit, at first before I heard your music I listened only to condem you and cut you down a few notches from your pearch. I didn't like the fact that you became famous in the Indie music circles.

I just want to say I am sorry, and for you to keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing more of your music. A friend told me you have a music video out. I thought he said it was filmed by some of the same people who filmed U2 IN concert but I am not sure?
I sure would like to see your concert in video. And I have been looking online, has it been release yet?

I noticed a few months back online that you was ranked high over many great world known guitarist.
At first glance I thought it was a joke.
I am not laughing, and niether is anyone else I take it.
I noticed you have at least 7 or 8 death threats also?
So I look around the web and notice jerks impersonating you online, trying to degrade you for being a christain?
Must go with the territory.
I am sorry you have it so rough a friend of mine heard you in a concert in Fresno Ca, 2 years ago.
Told me he never in his life witnessed a better guitar expert,told me you brought the house down and you attack very hard on guitar.

In the long view I know you are very good, better than some top 10 guitar masters.
Sure wish Eric Clapton put you in his Cross Roads Show one day, I bet you'd silence the music critics world wide !!

You take Care Now
Your Friend Tom


Frannie Firebright

Hi I am a female Rock Guitarist, I play a little of everything.

I have become aware your website has over a 1/2 million readers year around and it's really been growing this past year by leaps and bounds.

I would like to run a 5 by 2 inch banner ad on your site how much would it cost? Do you allow for advertisments on you rock,blues guitar blog? I am willing to pay $250.00 a month for 12 months in advance. That would be about $3000.00 a year. If it's possible contact me at my-

- email at -XXXXXXXXX (Sorry Folks I Removed Her Email Address )

Thanks Frannie

Message from GW: Hi Frannie, I have never ran ads here before, but it's something I'll look into


Annie Brasome

Rock guitar,jazz guitar,blues guitar, hey GW Williams ya can do it all. I love ya rock guitar web site,or is it rock blues guitar blog? Keep on Rocking and let it all hang out baby !!

Also don't listen to the post made by Mr Sour Puss, GW you do deserve a top 10 ranking as one of the best of all time I think. I can count only 4 or 5 guitar players as good as you who are living today, the rest are dead !



Sour Puss -

I won't give you my name, you rock,blues guitar hero.


Only Punk Rock Guitar players are the true masters !!

So GW you can play, Hot Leads, and fanncy Rock Chords or should I say Jazz Chords?

You suck GW, can't you figure it out no one listens to lead guitar anymore, and no one wants to hear it. All we want is hard pounding driven punk rock guitar and bass beat with drums.

Maybe your music sounds good if it was 1980 or 1990's, but face facts dude, people don't care about guitar anymore, and Rock N Roll Is dead man, where have you been. PUNK FOLK GUITAR is it. Listening to Rock Guitar,Heavy Metal Rock and Jazz is for wimps man.

So go blow yourself dude and get real. People sing and play off key for a reason these days man, because it's the thing to do, if you anit with it, you never will be. Sorry creep jerks like you who play perfect are like little rock guitar ants, you need to be stepped on and squashed, before people start listening to the old time rock n roll again. I hate Rock Guitar,I hate Heavy Metal Leads, Punk and Grunage Freaked out Music is it dude !!

Bye now

Mr Sour Puss



Hey There GW, How R U Today!!

Thanks for posting free rock guitar lessons online, they are very clear and easy to read. Most Rock guitar internet music sites don't take the time to make the lessons easy to read and clear,they post some times X's and o's,dotted typed lines and make us have to guess at what they are trying to say. I have been following Your Rock,Guitar Blog for about 4 years now.

Keep on Rocking GW

Thanks Jack


Jessica Wanderlove





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