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Pg 14.) How To Get Rich Fast - Selling Your Music Online

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HOW TO GET RICH, Selling Your Music

The Internet Way To Music Stardom & Riches

The GW Williams Music Marketing System Revealed

You've seen headlines like these - How To Sell Your Music Online,......or How To Make Money Marketing your Music & Independant artist Viral Music selling.
Or how about - Get Rich Selling Your Recordings On The Internet.
Every Musician and Independent artist wants to sell their music on the Internet and get rich quick.
But how is it done?
Can anyone do it?
The truth is yes, music is always seen as an art form and people interpret art forms in many different ways. You can be a great musician or singer, or you can be just average like Bob Dylan and still get rich.But before anyone yells at me about knocking Dylan, my point is he can't sing well at all and his guitar playing is about 8th grade level, yet he still made it to the big times, I guess you know I am not a Bob Dylan fan. Yet as an art form many millions of people love Bob Dylan, he's just not my cup of tea. And that's just my opinion only.
But it should give anyone out there hope to make it to the big time.

I know I can almost hear some of you thinking & Praying while reading this article, with hope in your hearts ....That are there....any secret marketing sales tactics and tricks to selling your music online?
The answer is yes.
There are many such tricks, to becoming famous and a household name as a music artist, and it all about how you go promoting your album on the Internet?

Of coarse there are e-books on the subject of music marketing most selling between $79.95 and $395.00 if you choose to pay for one.But most of these e-books only make money for the scam artist trying to sell you on his idea of how to get rich in the music industry.

Yet There is a very exciting method I use called Viral Marketing.
I combine this with my web skills of creating excitment and drawing in a huge mass of Internet traffic. Right now I have over 100 press releases, and several web sites.
But I also know tricks of how to get ranked on Google 98% of the time.

Anyways this is an honest way to make a lot of money very fast.
In fact Viral marketing has been around for a while now.
But it really hasn't been used in the music industry much.
That is until now.

Over the past 2 years the music industry has changed greatly, and now any independent music artist armed with digital home recording studio and some top equipment can market his music online.
Anyone can create a website or blog and submit a 100 press-release's for free online.
If those press-release's have solid content, then 100's of people may use those release's on their own websites, just be sure to put a link to you website on each press release. If each press release spreads out to 100 sites in a month,then 100 times 100 = 10,000 backlinks aimed at your website.
This is a very simple trick I have been using for a while now on different websites.
NOw get this if there are 10,000 websites link to your web site and only 3 little people a day linked form each site over to your web page, you'd have 30,000 hits a day. And if only 1 person in every 100 people downloaded your Music online you'd make at least $999.00 off a CD or MP3 selling for $9.99 each. AWESOME isn't it !!

In the old days selling CD's and records was a job mainly executed by the large studio's and publishing houses in the music industry.
But welcome to the future and 2008 ............Now days the music industry must compete with every musician in the world.
And the independent artist are putting many of the bigger studio's out of business.
Today it's becoming common for the independent artist to compete selling their music online and around the world.
With the power of the internet stores selling CD's are disappearing fast.
It's becoming common to see independent artist can make 30,000.00 in each month selling high volume of albums over the internet.
And the reason why is simple.
For years I was on Gospel radio and my songs were aired there only.
But Christian music isn't mainstream USA.
But what set me aside from other gospel musicians was I was blessed with a great gift for playing guitar at a world class level, I also have studied music for years, played in bands,wrote music, and did a lot of concerts.
Still getting heard by a major studio would be very difficult because you really must be a friend of the owner or manager or grew up in a musical family to get noticed.

In other words it doesn't matter how good you are, the truth is 98% of the time famous people stick together and do not give someone a chance to be heard.
So I needed a way to break out and show the world how good I could play.
Using Viral Marketing is just the ticket.
These days I have caused such a stir and a major Guitar shockwave across the Internet that tons of people are listening to my music. Many people think no way a Christian artist could ever play as good as I do , but it makes them check into my music and even by a few songs from me.

Right now I have a CD & Mp3 selling online, my top selling songs are, Elctric Son Rise, On Easter Morning, Beyond The Clouds,Have You Ever Been So Lonely, Rock N The Blues, plus there are more songs on my CD of 10 songs, but half of my songs, the ones I just named are now being played on radio, not Internet radio, but real world radio the kind you listen to when you drive your car.My music is starting to really get around. I caused enough of a stir online to cause a little snow ball rolling down a mountian side to become a huge massive avalanche, now over 2.5 Million people have heard of me,there are millions of post about me online, no way I could do all that myself.I have even found myself ranked in some of the top 10 guitar player polls in the country.But how good people think I am, I'llleave that up to my fans to decide.

Today my music is sold on Amazon.com, itunes.com,sony records,Rhapsody.com,Napster.com, e-music.com.
I feel the best place to sell is Amazon.com and Itunes.
I have also sold my records in stores and from my websites an even autographed a few to my best customers.

I know there are musician out there who will read this article, and it's important that they hear My Music.And see how I advertise online,check out my Amazon.com page.
I'll leave a link below later to that page.
It would be money well spent to see how the whole process works and yes I will make a little money off you, but you're also helping support this site and you're learning my tricks of the trade.

My Album is awesome. 5 of My songs I commented on already are gaining huge media attention.
So how did Viral Marketing work for me?
Well once your Album is recorded you need to find an online distributing company who will get your CD to Amazon.com and itunes.com as the others such as Rhapsody.com and emusic.com
The cost is only about 35.00.
Once your CD is uploaded online or given to the company you choose to host your music such as Tunecore,then your customers can download your CD from the Internet, using high quality no loss digital download technology that Apple Computer Inc created.Once the CD is download to a customer it sounds as good as a store bought CD or very close to it.
Companies like Tunecore.com and CDbaby can get your CD's to these big online companies online.
Without these companies there's no way to do this.
GW Williams says just look at the power musicians have no mass producing CD's and no mailing out to customers. They download the CD and I we get paid fast.
Here's the best part - I get to keep about 90% of all sales also. This is huge and unthinkable a few years ago.
I can keep 90% of the money. And anyone can do this and get rich !!
Once you up with either CDbaby.com or Tunecore.com you will know when your CD release date is.

That's when you then need to start to make plans for Viral marketing of your music.
Selling your music needs to become like a job for a few months.At least 2 hours each evening time. It's time well spent, if your even just an average good person at music and singing you could easily be buying a new car or truck in a few short weeks and paying it off with the cash you made already.

It's all about promoting yourself.
You want to create a huge stir of excitment, even have other people write press release for you like family and friends.
Just get it out there and your own your way.
So check out my music, study online on google, the tricks of Viral marketing and whitehat marketing, and maybe a little Blackhat Marketing, I won't say all the methods should be used, just be honest, but create a huge stir of excitment, and keep posting Free press release, at least 1 or 2 a day.
And study how to get backlinks to your websites and press-release's using SEO tactic's online and your own your way.

It really works, try it.
Thanks GW Williams

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