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Pg.7)How To Make a Professional CD Recording To Sell

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How To Make Professional Recordings Of Your Own

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Hi I am Rock, Blues Guitarist GW Williams, and this part of the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog will be about how to set up a small professional quality studio to record rock, blues guitar along with singing and other Instrumnets , all in your own home .Just Think a small little Roc,.Blues Guitar Studio that you'll be able to record professional CD's in. Believe it or not a small little studio such as this can put you into the hunt of selling your CD's online and in stores anywhere in the world. And making tons of money online as people download your music 24/7 around the clock.Wouldn't you like to be know world wide as a rock, blues guitarist? Isn't this the dream of almost every rock, blues guitar player?

So are you rock,blues guitarist with me ? - Lets learn to build our own Rock,Blues Guitar - Home Studio, that you can record any instrument in ,everything from acoustic rock and blues guitars, to electric rock & Blues guitar. And also how to record vocals, and keyboards, digital drums and all while using a set of headphones. You can even do this in an apartment.

The Future is here - And with your music , you can help create a new rock, blues guitar future for years to come - Isn't Time You Rise Up In The Music Industry using your own equipment? Who knows, you may become a new rock, blues super star on guitar. I remember years ago even Bruce Springsteen release a rock song recorded on a 4 track recorder on a cassette tape. Today music equiment is much more advanced. Any rock, blues guitarist has a chance using the Internet to become well known starting out as an indie artist.

First off ,here at the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog Online, we understand you don't have the money for a multi-million dollar studio, but you want to make your dreams come true with a limited budget.
So how do you go about doing this?
Over the next year I will be teaching you about sound studio techniques to help you create the best CD possible at home.
I will be talking about equipment and giving my views on the subject at hand.

My first point I'd like to make is this, if you decide to go to a professional studio to do this work, and do it right, which means to make a pro CD each song truthfully must really be work out and that takes time to get the best results from recording engineers.
One song alone if done right, can take a several days to get it equalized right, to get it microphones in place right and use the right amount of effects and find the proper space for each instrument in the stereo field.
It's no simple task, which can cost you $300.00 an hour.
Infact most people don't realize the huge budget an album costs when a new act is signed on contract by a studio. An average CD can cost $165,000.00 or more and take a full year to produce. We all want that rock, bluesy sound on our CD's,but will the studio give a hoot about your rock, blues guitar playing? Or will they bury it under other instruments.Will your rock blues guitar ever get the chance to be heard right. So why do I say this, well listen to music today on most CD's the drums drown out the acoustic guitars, and in my opinion your rock, blues guitar playing needs to stand out. You need sound recording engineers with an ear for, rock, blues guitar, today most people are recording folk rock music and don't know much about recording lead guitar as they did years ago. But....owning your own rock, blues guitar studio, you can save money and work out the songs till your hearts delight.

So if we take all this into consideration that you need to record your rock, blues guitar and singing in a studio then truely, most of you are left out in left field,unless your the 1 person in 1 million who gets treated right, then your rock, blues guitar will grow and you'll become famous for playing guitar world wide. Yet for the rest of you,lets face facts, no one will ever hear your rock guitar or blues guitar music, unless you do something about it now.

But there is another way to do this, and that is to build your own small home - Rock, Blues Guitar Recording Studio - and in your own home or apartment.
I promise this should excite you, what you are about to learn over the next year.
I'll teach you the tricks the pro's use and that can be obtained in an in home studio.
And if everything works out right, you'll be selling your very own CD in no time flat.

Below You'll Find a Table Of Contents....Of Sound Equipment and how to use it.


Rock,Blues Guitar Recording Studio Topics will be on the subjects listed below.
Just below this list is a link to the website I have created for this exciting information.
Remeber all information on the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog is Free.So enjoy the teachings on sound equipment.

1.)Tascam 2488neo 24-Track Digital Recording Workstation
2.) Sound Mixers
3.)Equalizers or EQ Units
4.)Reverb Units
5.)Effect Processors
9.)Monitors or Speakers
10.)CD copy machines and computers
11.)What CD's the Record on

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For much more check my Rock,Blues Guitar Archives, for the best information on how to become a Rock,Blues Guitar Star.
The Rock Blues Guitar Blog is designed to create future guitar stars of tomorrow, by providing useful and helpful rock,blues guitar information online.
My main goal on the Rock, Blues Guitar Blog online, is to give you real everyday info, to help guitarist transform their music into the real world today. Yes I know times are hard, but we all live for our dreams, to make it in the music business and to be successful, it is my goal to be as truthful in helping you as I can be, and to give you the right info to help you become successful.

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All rights reserved by GW Williams

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