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Rock,Blues Guitar Blog

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The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog

By Rock,Blues Guitarist - GW Williams

Rock Blues Guitar Blog !! Free Rock Guitar...and...Blues Guitar Lessons !!
Learn how to play guitar. Learn Rock.Blues,Jazz Guitar Chords...for FREE !! and learn lead guitar ...for FREE !! ...with rock-blues guitar tab and music notation...learn rock and blues guitar scales...learn jazz guitar scales,Learn rock and blues guitar techniques,rock blues guitar licks,chord voicing's,and movable scale patterns for playing guitar on the full fretboard.
Talent to play guitar plays an important roll,not everyone can play guitar like the world best guitarist. Guitarist like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy,George Benson,Santana are highly skilled rock,blues and jazz guitarist..and born with talent.
But...anyone can learn to play guitar. And have fun playing guitar.

Hi my name is.. GW Williams...When I started playing guitar..I wanted to be a rock guitar player..but..I soon began learning Jazz Guitar and Classical...and Blues Guitar...I didn't want to play just... classic rock and blues guitar. I wanted to write music...so..I started to write music. And create my own guitar leads...it wasn't long before I was buying sound equipment,mixing board consoles,multi-track recording units,digital effect processors and recording rock,blues guitar music and selling CD's. I even created a rock,blues guitar business,had my own rock,blues guitar label. And recorded other rock,blues guitar artist.Once you own a rock,blues studio even one wants to record, in those early days I charged only $60.00 an hour...but I made some good money and help out a lot of guitarist and singers.

For the past 26 years my rock,blues and Jazz guitar music has played on radio,I have had my own radio program and played in many concerts with my band.
Today I play mainly rock,blues and jazz guitar in Gospel Concerts, many of you may have heard some of my music on commercials also and themes songs to programs.

Also I like to thank my many rock,blues guitar fans, who voted me one of the top 10 Rock Guitarist in 2008 and 2009 in the online rock,blues guitar voting polls online....it was fun !! The last time I looked I had a 3500 point lead....keep voting fro your favorite rock,blues guitarist !!

Remember check my Rock,Blues Guitar Archvies for tons of great lessons and rock, blues guitar information. The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog - Is one of the best guitar sites in the..guitar world...so check out my rock,blues guitar world online...it's the guitar center of my guitar web hub!!

My...World Famous Rock Blues Guitar Blog
By GW Williams

.....I hope you enjoy the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog - We are the Original Rock,Blues Guitar Blog...for 4 years.... This guitar web site is loaded with great rock,blues guitar information,on guitar licks,chords,moveable chords,how to build chords,lead rock,blues and jazz guitar lessons ,guitar scales,riffs,and guitar instructions for tab and music notation.There's rock,blues guitar charts on chord voicing's, how to build major and minor chords and major and minor scales. Learn to read guitar tab,guitar tab charts. Sometimes I 'll post-free guitar rock,blues video lessons, guitar video workshops on rock blues and jazz guitar. Free MP3's of my own Rock,Blues and Jazz Guitar Music. I also sell my music on Itunes,amazon.com,e-music,sony and in stores near you !! If you're looking to find opportunities to play guitar online...then bookmark my ... Rock Blues Guitar Blog

Top 30 Greatest Guitarist List

By Rock,Blues Guitarist GW Williams - Of The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog

Top 30 Greatest Rock, Blues & Jazz Guitarist

By GW Williams

This list is my picks of Who I think are the greatest guitarist Of All Time

1.)Stevie Ray Vaughan .......... The Greatest Rock, Blues Guitarist of All Time - His Rock, blues guitar playing was also mixed with Jazz scales, his great speed and strength on guitar, and his solid rock,blues guitar playing style....... still leaves guitarist wondering, how did he do those awesome moves on guitar.What Stevie Ray Vaughan did on guitar was that he combined both lead scales while playing Rhythm guitar, creating and leaving most other great guitarist in the dust.

2.) Eric Johnson .... Rock,Blues,Country, Jazz - he is a great master of rock,blues and jazz guitar,he knows guitar scales forward and backward, he works around the clock to have the best rock,blues guitar tone on his guitar, maybe more than anyone in history.growing up he listen to great blues ad rock guitarist like Howl'n Wolf.

3.)George Benson ..... Jazz Guitar - He's the greatest jazz guitarist of all time, no one is better, great hand speed and perfect timming on guitar, he doesn't need sound effects, because he is the best at what he does.

4.)John Mayer - Rock Guitar, Blues & Folk Rock - He's the best young rock,blues guitar talent in the world today. One day he may pass everyone on this list and be the greatest, rock,blues guitarist of all time.

5.) Al Di Meola .... Jazz - New Age Jazz

6.) Eric Clapton...... Rock, Blues Guitar -The worlds most famous living Blues and Rock Guitarist Alive Today,every couple years Clapton holds his Rock, Blues Crossroads Concert, to help alcohol and drug abuse people recover. Every rock and blues guitarist would love to jump at a chance to play at this great concert event for charity.Eric Clapton is my favorite rock,blues guitar player,but still I had to rank him 6th, because there are other rock,blues guitarist I feel are better guitarist.I enjoy listening to Eric Clapton play rock, blues guitar more than anyone else. He seems to enjoy playing guitar with a great amount of love and it shows in his concerts.I know Eric Clapton has been influenced by so many great rock,blues guitarist of the past. Like, Buddy Guy,Robert Johnson,T-Bone Walker and Eric Clapton has been admired by great rock,blues guitar hero's like,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Jimi Hendrix,Robert Cray,John Mayer. and even Jeff Beck and B.B. King.

7.)Joe Satriani...... Rock,Blues Guitarist,Heavy Metal Blues Guitarist,Jazz,Hard Rock,Joe Satriani is a very nice person to meet. If you get a chance to hear this amazing guitarist in concert you'll never forget what he does on guitar and the sounds he creates. He's a master rock,blues and jazz show man.

8.) Yngwie Malmsteen..... Heavy Metal Rock Guitar - One of the best, great hands for speed, plays almost a classical guitar style , mixed with lead rock or jazz scales. Some blues guitar, but more a guitar style of his own.

9.) Jimi Hendrix - Rock, Blues Guitarist, some say the greatest rock,blues guitar player to ever live.Jimi Hendrix was very inventive and help create the modern sounds of rock and blues guitar still used today.Hendrix is sometimes called the father of Rock guitar, and where he left off, Stevie Ray Vaughan improved on creating an even high guitar standard of Rock,Blues Guitar Playing.

10.)Jimmy Page .......... Rock, Blues Guitarist Jimmy Page, with along with Jeff Beck,Eric Clapton& Jimi Hendrix , help take rock and blues guitar forward to make huge advancments in music. But Once in the late 70's the blues started to loose ground, untill the mid 1980's when Stevie Ray Vaughan got the fire going again.It was these 5 men over the past 50 years along with B.B King, that kept the blues alive, and rock guitar singing.

11.)Jeff Beck

12.) Paco De Luica

13.)James Burton

14.).....Vince Gill

15.) Robbie Robertson


17.)Johnny Ramone ...

18.) John McLaughlin

19.) Wes Montgomery

20.)Larry Coryell

21.) Joe Pass

22.) Mike Bloomfield

23.) Warren Haynes

24.)George Harrison

25.)Freddy King

26.) Tom Morello

27.) Mark Kopfler

28.)Stephen Stills

29.)Ron Asheton

30.)Buddy Guy



By Rock,blues guitarist ...GW Williams

Click on the Guitar Lessons to ... Enlarge Picture
....If your looking to find Guitar Lessons online - Check My Rock,Blues Guitar Index - Or My Rock Blues Guitar Blog Archives !!
Here on... The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog, I have many guitar lessons,on how to play lead guitar,
hot guitar licks,guitar scales,blues rock guitar scales,major and minor scales... and... guitar and music theory lessons teaching on how chords are built from scales.

Learn about common tones in scales ...and learn lead guitar on the full guitar fretboard with - moveable rock blues scale pattern boxes ..and ...blues rock guitar tab,music notation....and rock blues guitar chords, lesson on chord voicing's.

.....This first lesson is in the key of A, it's a Jazzy yet has a bluesy feel to it also. When your playing it on your guitar,you get the sense of floating over the guitar neck on the strings.
Remember the key of A has 3 sharps...... also it's in 4/4 time.
This is a short lead guitar solo from my song called.."On Easter Morning.
The original lead guitar part I played on my rock,blues guitar CD is longer, I wrote this easier version so guitarist can master a beautiful lead guitar piece with great harmonics and over tones.
This is still a professional guitar lead,so if it takes you a few weeks to learn, then keep at it.
Trust me..you'll be proud to play this once you work out the timing on the guitar and play it smoothly !!

....Free Guitar Lesson Number 1
......Please click on Lesson To Enlarge Full Size !!.......I think you'll really enjoy this lead guitar lessons,it sounds great on acoustic guitar and electric guitar !!

...Rock Guitar Lesson Number 2

Click to enlarge Guitar Lesson Full Size !!
Free Guitar Lessons 3
These are the chords to my new song,it has not been release on CD yet....
This song has a jazz feel to it.
On this lesson I really am not teaching about how to play my song, so I didn't give you much on the rhythm....What I was trying to teach here is movable chord progression that can sound cool to those of you learning to play guitar. Pay close attention to the frets this song is played on and notice how I use chord progressions for the Major7 th chords to give a jazzy feel.
Also if you notice closely you'll see chord voicings being used, the Bm7 to the Bm9 chords....simply barr the Bm7 chord and by using only your little finger, you can do a chord voicing and change the chord to a Bm9 and so on.


Click the link Below For Free Chord Lessons

How To Make A Ton Of Money Selling Your Music

All FREE Instructions - On How To Make Easy Money Online Selling Your Music.Learn The Rock,Blues Guitar Music Business
Check My Archives for Links to this Info !!

Funny Pic, I am pushing my glasses back on they where falling off - sorry folks I was not flipping off the camera as someone asked in an email.

Learn For FREE - How To Get Rich Fast Selling Your Music Online.


The Best Acoustic Guitars....
.....For Anyone Turning Pro

Below Is An AWESOME Guitar I Own - The Ovation 1777 LX
Retails at $2,395.00 - $2,495.00 in stores

My Ovation Legend 1777 LX pic - above is an AWESOME Professional Guitar !!

.....Plug in the Ovation Legend 1777 LX - and no acoustic guitar will sound better for rock,blues and jazz acoustic guitar playing. This Guitar has great balance of sound for rock,blues and Jazz Guitar,when plugged into an amp or sound system... it has the digital quality of pro guitar sound you hear in a studio...that sound you can only get in recording studio's ....This is an acoustic - electric guitar made for rock,blues and jazz guitar Heaven....

Most young people today have no idea how good this guitar is, this is not a cheap Ovation Celberity....This guitar is a work of art !! Better than any new Martin I played or Taylor.I have had this guitar for 4 years now....the sound getting deeper as it ages....so for those of you who think an Ovation Guitar doesn't age..get real....the top is wood....and the back is shaped for perfect intonation !! It's a dream guitar for rock,blues,jazz,classical,folk or what ever your guitar playing style is.

You can get a BIG TIME PRO SOUND from an acoustic guitar in concerts..and onstage The sound is perfect...what a warm acoustic sound full of highs,perfect midrange and bright clear shimmering lows.

This guitar shines in a rock,blues concert like a guitar on a DVD.....many times people have told me, my music sounded like a rock,blues and jazz recording on DVD when in concert. This guitar is that good - I wouldn't use any other guitar. It's a Very Balanced Guitar, I compared it to the Martins and Taylor guitars and this beat them hands down. For a rock,blues acoustic guitar you will never find a slicker faster guitar neck, with no buzzes , no deep spots...This guitar is blazing fast for acoustic jazz guitar also, easy to bend notes on the guitar neck or fretboard....you feel like your floating on air at times.....This has to be the fastest guitar neck in the world for an acoustic guitar. I would never use another acoustic for playing rock guitar,jazz guitar or blues guitar in concert. And the value of this great guitar keeps going up year after year. There is no better acoustic guitar I have played for acoustic Jazz , Rock and Blues Guitar. While playing the blues, the strings on this great guitar hold in tune very well, I do a lot bluesy songs with a lot of string bends and I am amazed that it doesn;t go out of tune much. When shopping around for a great acoustic guitar for blues and rock music,I searched for 2 months but , I could not find a Martin or Taylor guitar better than this guitar.

Now Let Me Tell You About The Best Guitars I Found -
If you looking buy a great acoustic guitar for rock and blues playing?But don't really know what to get? Then stay tuned as I tell you my Top 3 acoustic Guitar Picks to keep you rocking and playing the blues.

1.) The Ovation 1777 LX Legend Acoustic-Electric Guitar ( MSRP - List Price $2395.00 ) has a fast action neck almost like an electric guitar neck, great sound and perfectly balanced tone.This guitar is my Top Pick as the best guitar in the world to own because of playability and price,it just doesn't get any better than this folks. The electronics are second to none,hands down it sounds better than a Martin or Taylor guitars plugged in .And unplugged it also sounds better than the New Martins or Taylor guitars and This Ovation Guitar Is Priced nearly $800.00 lower in cost than the top Taylor or Martin guitars. One point I would like to make, Ovation sells the 1777 LX with D'Addario guitar strings. These strings make the guitar sound not as full.But once you put some Martin Light Gauge Bronze SP strings on this baby, look out......The neck is lighting fast, great for acoustic rock guitar,jazz guitar, and easy to bend strings to play the blues, this is the lightest acoustic guitar I have ever owned.You won't find better balance anywhere for the money.
Ovation Guitars where once considered the best guitars in the world,and they still are but most of the young kids today play the guitars thier guitar hero's play.
I do have to admit most people judge Ovation by the cheaper made Celebrity Guitars they make, but those are just shallow back guitars, no where in the class of this Ovation Deep Bowl Cutaway. The 1777 Is My number 1 Pick, for best Guitar all around.
Hope the young Kids learn this.
Also I own an Old Ovation Legned Deep Bowl 1717 Guitar I purchased in 1984, just so you folks know that guitar as mellowed with age, there is no better guitar than my old Ovation for sound,never heard an Old Martin sound better. Folks don't let people tell you Ovations don't get better with age, because they do.

2.)Martin DC-Aura Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar ( list price $3,650.00 )This guitar can do it all, the sound is a good as the best Ovations, but for the price the Ovation still wins, and Ovations neck is faster. Yet this guitar is built for greatness , It has awesome electronics, but I feel the plug in sound is a little modular or digital beyond the point of sounding as a true acoustic guitar. It has the sound of a Amp Cab Modeling syste like you'd find in some Guitar pedals today. These are studio guitar sounds that are built into the guitar, yet it is awesome. Many of you may enjoy this guitar more than the Ovation because of the Martin name, yet for the cost, I'd still go with the Ovation LX 1777.

3.) Taylor 810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar ( list price $3148.00 )this is my 3rd Pick, Taylor makes great guitars, and this baby has great balance and sustain,excellent bass response, perfect tone,Spruce Top and India Rosewood back and sides.The only thing I don't care for is Taylor has no electroic system for this guitar and in truth Taylor guitars with electronics need to be improved on there control knobs,there's no way to really tell where your settings are.And they are on the top front of the guitars.But like I said this guitar comes without electronics.
All these guitars were designed by pure genius, it took more than a online computer science degree to build great guitar's like these.These guitars are a work of art !!

For Tons Of Information & Secrets ON - Guitars That Famous Rock,Blues Guitar Players Use - and how these Top World Class Guitarist set them up -

Please Click This Link For - The Best Acoustic Guitars - For Rock,Blues & Jazz

Click Here For - The Best Electric Guitars - For Rock,Blues & Jazz


FREE Guitar Lesson Below

How To Use
Moveable Box Scale Patterns

If you want to play Professional Lead Guitar, You Must Know about these Box Scale Patterns - They Save Many Years Of Time

Why Not Become a Professional Now?

Knowlege Is The Key !!

Many top rock,blues guitar players use movable chord progressions and chord voicing with music theory to travel up and down the guitar neck. Just like those movable chords on the guitar neck, there are also what we call moveable guitar scale patterns.Another name is moveable Guitar Box Patterns. These patterns make great rock, blues and jazz guitar players into super, almost superhuman rock guitarist.

These scale patterns make it easier to see the neck of the guitar while playing rock,blues and jazz guitar leads.At first it may seem hard to learn these patterns because you must memorize them, but once you do then the fun begins to happen.Many great jazz,rock and blues guitar players, and studio musicians in the record industry, use these moveable patterns because it's fast to improvise with them.

Anyone playing lead guitar in rock,blues or jazz music has a tremedous upper hand if they know these lead scal patterns.To use these patterns correctly you need to know the common tones in scales and the key you're playing in. Common tones are the root - 3rd - 5th & 7th notes of most scales. To make it simple, these notes are your starting and stopping points when doing scale runs on the guitar.Yet so much more can be done, than to just use these for just scales runs.The more mature guitar player will learn to play these scales patterns inside and out, at the same time creating and inventing new hot licks.Great guitarist may spend years doing this.It's been said that these 5 scale patterns can become a life time study.And I don't know if anyone who has ever learn it all, and I am talking the best in the world here.
Please remember the best guitar players in the world always keep improving, and they always keep looking for something new , maybe a new approach to playing the guitar, or a new sound.A real mature guitarist, should be able to create & invent many new hot licks and run scales inbetween melodies and hot guitar licks.And the best guitarist take it to the next step and mixing chording and hot chord vocings in solo leads.

Below are 5 of my favorite moveable scale patterns which I use in Jazz,rock and my blues guitar playing, they are all major scale patterns with the half steps between these notes in the scales... 3-4 & 7-8 for Major scale Keys.....and 1/2 steps between 2-3 & 6-7 notes of the scale for minor the minor scal key.To find the related Major key to it's minor key....please read on.Example G A B C D E F# G is the scale pattern for the G major key....but by taking the same notes and altering or re-arranging the notes into a different order starting with the E note...we get and Em key..... such as E F# G A B C D E.......take a close look at the notes........they are all the same notes, just in a differnet order.The Key of Em is the related key to G major.......so the scale patterns work together perfectly.Now if you don't know how to find the relate minor key to a major, well it's easy....take the root note and count 6 notes from the root and you have the minor key.So if we take the Key of C major .......and count up 6 notes we get an Am or A minor Key.....Look at these notes and count from C..... C D E F G A.....as I said the 6th note from the root is the related minor key to a Major key.Now with these movable scale patterns, you simple can use each scale pattern for both, Major and minor keys....smiply adust your common tones of where you'll be starting and stopping on.

Each pattern below works for both major and minor scales.Many of you may already play 5 noted pentatonic box patterns and use them for rock, blues guitar leads, but these scale patterns below are far move advanced than the pentatonic boxes and will take much longer to learn.To use the scale patterns below correctly you should already be able to read music and understand a bit of guitar theory.Because you must know where the 1 st - 3rd - 5th and 7th of a scales and also understand how chords are built.And understand it will take take to get your cordination in using these scales.Once you learn these patterns you can link them all together to cover the full neck of the guitar for almost any key you play in.

Today most blues and rock guitarist use only tab guitar to learn to play, it's sad because they also need to learn music notation and guitar thoery to become super adanvanced as a great rock, blues guitar player.

It's my hope that the Rock,Blues Guitar Blog Online will help teach and inform, the younger rock, blues guitar lovers. So please keep checking for more lessons on Rock,blues guitar here on this Internet Blog site......below are the movable,rock, blues and jazz box patterns......


How To Create A Sweet Acoustic Guitar Sound

With The Right Balanced Guitar Strings

These Are A Few Sweet Tips & Secrets Of Professional rock, blues Guitarist,Not Told or Revealed To Everyday Guitar Players. If you follow the instructions below with an open mind you can get that old beat up guitar sounding like a professional guitar in no time.

The Best Guitar Strings for playing,Rock,Blues Guitar or even Jazz guitar really depends on the guitar body size, the shape of the guitar, and the style you play.
But for now, lets try to figure out the best set of guitar strings for your acoustic guitar.
In other words we are trying to make your acoustic guitar, sound very acoustical with perfect,Lows,Mids and High tones,that are very brilliant,warm and shimmer and are very well balance,such as the best Martin guitars you hear recorded on records.

Your average guitarist these days, will think only a great guitar such as a Martin,Taylor or Ovation with their top end high price guitars are the only way to go. That the sound of the guitar is all in the rich expensive guitar body.
But this isn't always the truth. If you place the wrong set of strings on a great guitar, it could sound as good as an average guitar with a great set of strings on it.
Most people never think of spending time to research and find the perfect set of guitar strings.
Not only do the guitar strings help make a guitar sound much better, the type and size of guitar pick also changes the sound. Personally I think a Dunlop gray .73 pick is the best all around acoustic pick for both rhythm and lead guitar.That pick is strong enough for leads, yet allows for a beautiful sweeping sound when strumming a guitar.
But lets get back to guitar strings here.

So what is the secret of finding a great set of guitar strings for your guitar....well you first must realize all guitars come in different shapes and sizes, even in the same brand names.
So if you owned lets say 2 Taylor guitars, they both could use 2 totally different sets of guitar strings, due to the shape and deepth of the guitar body.
Here's an example a cut-a -way guitar body versus a full guitar body, the fuller body has a much deeper sound and needs a different set of strings.

So how do we find these sets of guitar strings.....the answer is simple, real simple in fact.
First we must learn to listen, here's the listening trick I tell people......
Pretend that the guitar strings are a 6 band equalizer, or Eq unit like you'd use on a stereo system.You want the guitar to be totally balanced from the High strings, to the mids to the low strings, you don't want so much deep bass that you drown out your high end, but you don't want to loose your bass tone either, and you want the mid strings to shine also.
Most guitars have either too much high end or Bass or unbalanced Mid range, these are your cheaper guitars. The most expensive guitars are built with better balance of tone. This doesn't mean that the most expensive guitars are the loudest , but just the best balanced. Sometimes cheap guitars are really louder than great balanced guitars, because they project a lot of bass or mid tones but don't have great high end sound. These guitars are real boomy and cause a lot of feed back and never sound great.

But there is a way of changing things around even on a cheap guitar, by finding the most perfect set of strings, you can balance out the bad area's and even make a cheap guitar sound professional enough to record with and do a concert.
It will surprise you what a little research can do for you, sure you'll have to try out different sets of guitar strings, and if you do remember to change the strings every 10 days to get he best sound, some of you leave those strings on for months and can't figure out where you went wrong.
To be a professional guitarist you'll need to get your hands and fingers used to playing new strings, and you'll need a set of strings that stay in tune and don't pull and stretch a lot.
So what are the best strings that I have found for acoustic guitar.
Here are my 2 top choices , for deep full body guitars , I like" Martin Marquee " 80
__20 Light gauge phosphorus bronze strings. And for cut a way Guitars - I like "Martin SP" 80__20 Light gauge strings. I really have never found a better acoustic set of guitar strings than these.
I know for sure I'd stay away from Gibson acoustic strings because they don't stay in tune very well, and the tone is nowhere near the Martin strings, also Fender does have some good sounding strings, still not in the class of the Martins.

One trick I didn't mention is the fact that a few professional guitarist use strings sometimes from 2 or 3 different guitar sets, and the reason again is because of better balance and trying to create a tone from a guitar no one else really has. This is nothing new, but few guitarist even think to try this. I will say it cost a lot more to do this, but don't fool yourselfs, the pro's look for every advantage. Also remember this fact, there are many professional guitarist who play no better than some of you reading this, the only reason they sound better and get contract is because they are more creative in creating a better sounding guitar, by using sneaky little tricks and by having the best sound equipment they can afford.

Truthfully I think every guitarist, who has ever dreamed of turning pro, should become a dreamer, and search their hearts and see if they need to upgrade thier musical instruments and even start to save for that new guitar, and have a good solid plan and don't be upset if it takes you a few years to realize your dreams. I know ever guitar I owned I dreamed of owning,untill I saved the money up, and it was worth the wait.

But I will tell you this,even with the best guitars money can buy, you still need the best strings, now I am not saying the most expensive strings - just the best strings, I love Martin Marquee 80 - 20 Light Gauge strinsg and they only cost at Guitar Center about $7.00 dollars. Yet I think they sound and record better on a Full Body Guitar than any other strings ever made that cost twice as much.These Light Gauge strings made by Martin are .012 to__ .054, just thought I better tell you this.

For More Info On Famous Guitar Strings Used By the - Guitar Hero's Of Today Click The Link Here -
Guitar Stars And The Strings They Use !!


Below Is My CD - So Help Support - The Rock , Blues Guitar Blog Online

Hi Please help Support The Rock,Blues Guitar Blog - Below Is My CD, I think there's some great rock, blues guitar and singing on it - 10 Songs in all, 6 of my rock, blues songs get air time on radio stations nation wide. My favorite Songs on this list are, Electric Son Rise, Beyond The Clouds , both on Electric guitar, back by my band and a Gospel Song call, On Easter Morning. There are many more great songs. If you love Rock,Blues and Jazz guitar check them out and help support my , Rock, Blues Guitar Blog Online.....Here's the link to my songs....CLICK HERE for - My CD called - ON EASTER MORNING by GW Williams

Remember the Rock,Blues Guitar Blong Online is here to help you.Help support the rock, blues guitar blog, so we can bring much more new and exciting rock, blues guitar information to you.

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